Game Timeline

Overall Game upgrades and new features Timeline – 2012-2016

New Feature Launches

New Feature Launches
Date PICTURE Event Name
3/14/2012   Alt Uniforms are introduced into the game
4/5/2012   Rapid Training now available to instantly level up a Hero for Gold. Cost is higher depending on the level.
4/19/2012   Changes have been made to the PVP system
8/22/2012   Limited Editions Supplies Items are also now available Reward in Deploy Missions.
10/10/2012   PVP Tournaments are introduced
1/17/2013   Reforging of customized weapons and gadgets is now available
1/28/2013   Lockbox characters are introduced
2/15/2013   Daily PVP Rewards are introduced
4/5/2013   Group Bosses are introduced into the game starting with Ultron
5/21/2013   Lock Box Characers now also available via PVP Play
7/8/2013   Covert Tasks are introduced into the game – 1st one Prate Hunter by UL
8/1/2013   E-ISOS are introduced into the game to enhance Heros
8/1/2013   New Season 2 launches with many differences than Season 1
8/1/2013   Level 13 is added to all Heroes
11/12/2013   PVP Expansion V slot is introduced
3/11/2014   A-ISOS are introduced – can be added to enhance Heros Actions
3/11/2014   Level 14 is added to all Heroes
4/11/2014   Forfeit Button introduced into PVP
5/1/2014   S.H.I.E.L.D. Simulator, has been added to the game
6/11/2014   Old Gear are added permanently available in the store.
8/12/2014   Pre PVP Tournaments are introduced into the game
12/9/2014   Daily Missions introduced into the game
8/13/2015   Level 15 is added to all Heroes
8/28/2015   5th action slot for agent added
11/18/2015   New Class Training has been added to S.H.I.E.L.D. Simulator providng GIGANTIC XP