On This Day – May 19th in years past

2 years ago today…

5/19/2014  Displaying IMG_6482.JPGDisplaying IMG_6482.JPGDisplaying IMG_6480.JPGDisplaying IMG_6480.JPG Spec Ops Spec Ops 18- Symbiosis – Launches
5/19/2014  Web Axe New Weapon Set Sticky Situation Set is introduced
5/19/2014  Sandman Icon Large 1 New Character Sandman is introduced Spec Ops Lockbox reward
5/19/2014  Anti-Venom Icon Large 1 New Character Anti-Venom is introduced Spec Ops Reward
5/19/2014  Green Goblin Glider New Weapon Gaseous Glider is introduced as Spec Ops Epic Boss Reward
5/19/2014 Web Breaker New Weapon Web Breaker is first introduced at 64 Gold (Sticky Situation Set 2 of 4)

1 year ago today…

5/19/2015  FTH #89 Is this show a free show or a quick show? FTH-Podcasts FTH-89 – Is this show a free show or a quick show

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On this Day – May 12 in Years Past

5/12/2014 Overloader New Weapon Overloader is introduced as PVP Diamond League reward.   As of this date this weapon HAS NOT been made available again.
5/12/2014  Rocket Raccoon PVP Reward IconBlueprint Tactician's Empowered Armor PVP-15 Ended BAD Due to the technical difficulties experienced at the end of PVP Tournament: Season 15, Playdom BUMPED players that were in Gold, Diamond,
Vibranium, and Adamantium League up one League. This means that if you were in Gold you will be bumped to Diamond and so on.
Players were awarded the prizes corresponding to their new ranks.



Marvel Encyclopedia

I bought this book about two years ago, and still refer to it everytime MAA releases a new character in the game.  It is covers comic book arcs like Civil War, the Skrull invasion etc.   If you are an avid player of the game and are a Marvel Comic fan in any way shape or form whatsoever, then I recommend this for you.  I LOVE THIS Book.  I sometimes even read it while I take a bath!

Please note that I am an affiliate with and this purchase will go to help maintain the operation of this website! And would really appreciate your purchase!