UPDATE – Character Timeline 2016


Limited Avail Date PICTURE Character Class Sub-Class Available Via General Release
1/11/2016 Colleen Wing Icon Large 1 Colleen Wing Generalist None PVP Reward  
1/21/2016 Red She-Hulk Icon Large 1 Red She Hulk Generalist None Spec Ops Reward  
1/21/2016 Winter Soldier Icon Large 1 Winter Solider Infiltrator None Spec Ops Lockbox Reward  
1/29/2016 Lizard Icon Large 1 Lizard Tactician None PVP Lockbox Reward  
2/22/2016 Kraven the Hunter Icon Large 1 Kraven the Hunter Tactician None PVP Reward  
2/26/2016 Electro Icon Large 1 Electro Blaster None PVP Lockbox Reward  
3/14/2016 Cammi Icon Large 1 Cammi Tactician None Spec Ops Reward  
3/18/2016 Hellcat Icon Large 1 Hellcat Scrapper None PVP Reward  
3/29/2016 Shocker Icon Large 1 Shocker Blaster None PVP Lockbox Reward  
4/8/2016 Death Locket Icon Large 1 Death Lockett Blaster None Covert Task Reward  
4/21/2016 Cloak and Dagger Icon Large 1 Cloak and Dagger Scrapper/Infiltrator Dual Class PVP Reward  
5/3/2016 Thor (Jane Foster) Icon Large 1 Lady Thor Scrapper None Spec Ops Reward  
5/3/2016 Blue Marvel Icon Large 1 Blue Marvel Generalist None Spec Ops Reward

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